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Favourite Justice League Unlimited episodes.

Double Date

Written by Gail Simone

Double Date includes four of my favourite DCU characters; Huntress, Question, Green Arrow and Black Canary.  Huntress needs the Questions help to find Mandragora, and in exchange she’ll give the Question everything she knows on Cadmus.  But Green Arrow and Black Canary are guarding Mandragora as he awaits to turn state evidence.

This episode also reveals that the Huntress in JLU is Helena Bertinelli, as the Question spills the beans, so to speak.

Also, the Question is played by Jeffry Combs, who played Shran in Star Trek: Enterprise and Weyoun and Brunt in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Favourite lines:

Black Canary: You’re cute when you’re an insufferable smarty pants.

Huntress: Oh baby doll.  And just for the record, I usually prefer my dates to have a face.

Question:  The key wasn’t the clue, the key was mine.  Now this list of container ship arrivals I palmed while they were yelling at you…

Green Arrow:  You’re not supposed to drive when you’re angry.

Green Arrow:  Oh, this is so unnecessary.

Black Canary:  Look, if we die, I’ll let you know.

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